Today we visited two year-four classes at the Lantern School in Ely to talk about computer engineering and electronics. We had brought a desktop PC which we took apart down to de-capping the processor to have a look at the microchip inside.

The children helped take the computer apart and they asked lots of questions and really enjoyed seeing what was inside the computer. They could list most things that were outside the computer, such as keyboard, mouse, and screen but most of the children had never seen what was on the inside so this was new and exciting to them.

After the day we received this kind message from the class teacher.

Thanks for giving up your time yesterday. The children found it both interesting and enjoyable. During registration, this morning, the class crowded around the electronic items that you left, still fascinated by them. Let’s hope there are a few budding engineers of the future, who have been inspired by your visit yesterday.

We are very grateful to the Lantern school and the class teachers to invite us to the school and help inspire these young children in the area of computer science and technology.


The Lantern School, Ely, Year 4 – Computer teardown class