The latest edition of the MagPi magazine is worthy of a special mention. We got it in the post and this time it came with a boxed project-kit freebie from Google, namely the Google AIY Projects kit.

The kit includes a foldable cardboard box, a speaker, microphone, a button and a HAT that you plug onto the top of your RaspberryPi to make a Google Assistant.

Although the box suggests the kit is for ages 14+, with a bit of help from their parents, this kit is also great for younger children.

Build the kit, install and configure the software, set-up a Google account for managing access to the relevant APIs, and you now have a fun toy that you can speak to and that will respond on more or less clever ways.

Here are some pictures of the build.

20170505_160721_resized 20170505_165405_resized 20170505_165642_resized 20170505_170359_resized

MagPi Edition 57 – Google AIY Projects Kit